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Day 5 : (My) Parents.

What to talk about when you want to talk about your parents.

My mother is a junior high teacher. As long as I remember, she never teaches another school but this one, close to our home. She really is a good cook. She could be very  judgemental person if something bad occurs repeatedly. She would stereotyped the problems. She also has 'green fingers'. She sometimes addicted to cleanliness and tidiness. She takes care her family very well, also her big family. She likes to give people food or things people need when they have  hard days (or not). She is a caring person even tough she always looks mad. Yes, my mother is someone people see and label as "galak". Maybe because she teaches moral subject, and she also teahes to her pupils about the importance of our pray. During this pandemic, every morning she calls her pupils, wakes them up, and asks them to do morning pray (for muslims only). She is soooo fussy. Now you know why I am a fussy person, but also a caring one. My mother always say "I can't give you materials but I give you knowledge how to survive untill paradise. Don't ever you dare to leave your pray, remember that!"

My father is bureucrat-retirement. He' s a loyal father who would love to buy everything his kids needs if he could. He is a very patient person I've ever know. No matter how fussiest my mother is, he survived. Lol. He also a green finger like my mother, he likes to grow trees, especially fruits. He loves to eat, he would eat any new meals I introduced to him. (My mother isnt as open-minded as him as for foods) He used to smoke, then quitted when I was going to college. He taught me a lot, literally everything, no wonder if I thought he was the most clever person when I was a little girl. I am closer to him because my sibling was used to a mama boy. Lately, he is kinda busy with his smartphone because he has this group from his junior-high school. Maybe he misses his condition before the retirement. It's okay, but sometimes it makes my mother (or even me) mad. Lol. He gives me this word Everytime I doubt about my self "There is nothing you can't do in this world if you can see it with your eyes, use your brain!" That's what makes me a hard-working person. 

I remembered having hate-love relationship with my parent But I think our relationship is strong one. Even though sometimes I don't agree with them, if I explained it well, they accepted it immediately. Lol. In my family, it's okay if you are not in same agreement, let's help each other a lot. I think this is what we have in our home. It's okay to do mistakes, parents will mad of course, but there is nothing you have to worried about, because they always be there for you. They embrace you in warmth, and limitless kindness, and never-ending advices, and everything. You just can't ignore their words even after you have your own family. Because they (still) know what best for you, just because they lived longer. I mean it.


  1. Nulis tentang parents pas lagi kesal dengan Mama. Tapi ya gitu, kesalnya bentar, sayangnya selalu. Gak bisa lama-lama kesal karena mereka (Mama dan Papa) satu-satunya, eh dua-duanya yang paling tahu yang terbaik untuk anaknya...

    just because they lived longer. Agree

  2. orangtua, dimana2 selalu lebih keren dari anak2 ya sih ya hehe dan ya nanti mau nulis ttg ini jg tentu, kala tiba waktunya

    1. Terus nanti anakmu nulis kmu lebih keren dari dia juga, sebelum itu terjadi siapin iketan di pohon, biar ga melayang kemana mana ya om

  3. Saya juga orangnya suka 'ngebantah' sama ortu, untuung aja mereka lapang dada sama anaknya yang kek gini. Hahaha. Semoga sehat-sehat selalu buat Mama dan Papanya, Mbak.


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