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[17th] hari batik nasional

Hari ini katanya Hari Batik Nasional. Tapi memang sudah aturan dari kantor sih, Rabu Kamis Jumat seragamnya ya batik. Jadi hari ini khusus posting swlfie pake baju batik.Btw, pasti heran, dari postingan ke 12 loncat ke 17. Itu karena, memori di handphone kayaknya bermasalah lagi, dan foto yang sudah disiapkan untuk postingan 13-16 ikut menghilang. #sigh
Artinya saya berhutang 4 foto baru pada diri saya sendiri.
Yoooossshhh... doakan saya! *emangnya benteng Takeshi!*Happy reading all!
:-DBtw, the picture is set in my facebook profile, and it got many comment from my Collagues from other provinces. Hehehe.

[12th] 300914 new

End of the month with limited cash, then i ended up with some new books to read. Hahaha.Be happy (with limited cash)!Happy reading all!

[11th] ceremony n b'day

Hari ini upacara lagi, Jumat lalu juga baru upacara. Saya pun sudah mabal berapa hari ini sama postingan. #sighThis is my formal wear at work. I only use it in formal occasion like meeting or attending ceremony. Di luar itu, sendal jepit tetep nomor satu. Hihihi.For today, it's a very-very special since the cutest NDA ever is having her 1st birthday. Me plan to do some photo shoot next Saturday with her dad to celebrate our little daughter birthday. And i want to do it at every 1st birthday of any my children to be. Hahaha. Kapan ya ngasih adik buat NDA...? Hahaha.Doa dulu donkz mom....Ah yes, Selamat Ulang Tahun Nisita Dayyinah Alika. My precious, my little daughter. Semoga kamu tumbuh sehat selalu, tumbuh menjadi anak yang penuh kasih dan sayang, tumbuh menjadi oranf yang bermanfaat untuk orang lain. Semoga ridho Allah SWT selalu menyertai setiap langkah perjalanan hidupmu.Mommy too lazy to write in English in long sentence. Hehehe.Happy birthday, dear!And,
Happy reading all!

[10th] bubun's new homework reading

Just got this owsem book delivered. Ny new homework for this month.Happy reading all!

[9th] getting younger (?)

Kan katanya portraying self ya...
This time i am in the middle of gladi for national statistic day ceremony next Friday. As usual, i'll be responsible for the national flag with the other two. The sun is really hot out here. I am dizzy, but still, i took the picture. Hahaha. It's hilarious how it turned out to look younger in this picture.

[8th] turned out okay!

I cant find highlight for today occasion. Just a little slight discussion turned into some word war. Ohmay! How do you read 4+4+4+4+4+4 ? Is it 4x6 or 6x4 ? The simpliest answer didnt turned okay for some person who need theories, sources, and so on.
It's just, simply adding multiplication, we have 6 times of four. So, it is 6x4. Yes? In my way home yesterday, i stopped by to buy some ayam panggang kampung in haji fuad resto, and i found this giant mirror. Sadly, this photo is not good because the cassier showed her head to look for me. :-DHave fun reading all!
Kiss kiss gudnight!

[7th] 220914~the precious

Just like gollum, i myself have my precious one. This little girl is definitely my precious. *ketjupbasahNDAsampeknangis*Dua poto berturut-turut sama NDA! Gapapalah ya.. My daily activities always include her soalnyah...Gud afternoon!
And hav a nice reading all!

[6th] 210914 ~ like mother like daughter

Selfie bubun sama NDA!
See how our smiles are identical? It's magic! Only Allah SWT could make this happened! Thank you Lord. Alhamdulillah....


Karena suatu dan lain hal, saya kelewatan berapa hari posting poto ini... Hadeuh *selfpalm*
Untuk postingan yang sekiranya telat saya akan berusaha menggenapi hari ni... yooossshhhh!
Nanti formatnya dibedakan, kalo yg telat sebelum judul post diembel-embelin sama tanggal take picture-nya biar ketauan yang mana poto today yang mana poto mabal. Hehehehe. Nanti jangan-jangan di akhir bulan, kebanyakan poto mabalnya. Hahahaha.Btw, kemarin di kantor kelabu banget, nggak cuma seragam saya yang warna abu-abu, tapi suasana hati dan kantor pun berubah abu-abu cenderung hitam. Sebabnya adalah wafatnya Bapak Kepala BPS Tubaba, pak Jokowi selepas main tenis meja. Sedih... Karena sehari-hari urusan administrasi tubaba konsul dan diskusinya sama saya. Nggak sangka karena pagi itu almarhum masih segar bugar. Nggak sangka karena kematian memang selalu menjadi teman dekat yang selalu dilupakan alih-alih dunia.
Ya Allah semoga Engkau melapangkan kubur almarhum, menerima semua amal ibadahnya, dan merid…

Cutey NDA.

Full cuteness ahead.

[Lanjutan] hasil latih tanding

Saya bidak hitam. Masmisua bidak putih.
Bidak hitam :
Raja 7g, pion 6g dan 4a, PM 2g (bidaknya hilang, jadi weh pakai sobekan kertas)Bidak putih :Raja 4h, benteng 5g dan 8d, pion 4e, PM 8g
#sighKalah sih....tapi lumayanlah bisa main sampai sejam, artinya kan ada perlawanan yaaa....kan saya gak jago mainnya...#ahlesyanLagipula, saya belum ngumpulin soal cerdas cermat niy buat hari Jumat 26 nanti. Jadi ga mungkin ya saya tenang-tenang main catur Senin nanti. Hihihi.#ahlesyanlagi
Yuk ah, semangat hari HSN semuanya!
Nb: btw, saya lupa posting poto kemarin, lupa! :))

[5th] chess

Senin nanti ceritanya mau jd utusan kantor main catur. Ya ampun... saya kan gak jago-jago amat gitu yaa... so, ini adalah sesi latihan sama si yeobo alias mas suami.Hihihi.Wish me luck!
Nanti hasil akhirnya saya posting juga.

[4th] narsis / narcisism

Hello hi!
This is me, driving my husband car. See the interior? It's red, his favorite color. And i decided to take a narcisism photo. Hahaha.

[3rd] bledos!

Hi! It's a thursday today. So it's time to wear ur local batik fashion. But for me, i rarely use it because i dont have one that fit for me after the birth.
My collagues decided to do some room cleaning tomorrow. And we have this giant slash massive cupboard to keep all the staffs data. We need ladder to reach the top but we dont hav any. So me and my friend decided to buy one this morning at hypermart. (Gapapa ya sebut merk!)
And the accident happened. We ready to go home when the car did the bludak sound! Man! Radiator bochor bochor....

[2nd] (not) every morning (coffee)

This is my routine every morning after i arrived safely at the office. Some light bitter instant coffee or tea with rice brought from home. Breakfast while browsing the email, search something to do today. Hehehe. Actually, it always rapid to hectic work everyday. Or, have nothing to do all day long. Good morning!

[1st] repost: starting the challenge.

So here's the rule :
1. Take thirty days of self portraits (one every day for a whole month).
2. The portraits have to be about you or show you in some way.
3. You must take the picture yourself.
4. As you go, share it with close friend and family via online facebook or blog.So i missed the point no.2, so i decided to repost the 1st photo.
Here you go.
Me, reading a beautiful (mess) book.

[1st] the colorful

Here's some of the goodies of my daughter Alika. She loves to sit down and chases the balls. She likes to put her hand into the donut shape and acts girly. So cute!

After the hiatus.

Just bought this book and had it delivered few days ago.And challenge accepted!


Tidak berdaya adalah keadaan dimana lelah fisik tidak bisa membuatmu berpikir jernih dan tidak dapat mengatakan dan melakukan apapun.Tidak berdaya adalah apa yang lo pikirkan ngga konek sama situasi yang lo hadapi. Jadi ketika lo kembali ke dunia nyata muncul masalah karena kesalahan lo.Tidak berdaya adalah menghadapi orang yang suka wasting time dan kita harus nurut sama dia.