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Movies I Watched Recently

Movies I Watched Recently (October-November 2010) :

1. cin(T)a (Ina)

2. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (Thai)

3. Kick-Ass
4. Before Sunrise
5. Before Sunset
6. Letter's to Juliet
7. Valentine's day
8. Youth to Revolt
9. An Education
10. Summer Wars (Jpn-anime movie)

11. Paprika (Jpn-anime movie)
12. Janji Joni (Ina) ~ yeah rait, saia baru nonton! ~
13. Prince of Tennis (Jpn-movie)
14. RED (Retired : Extremely Dangerous)

The ones with red letters are recommended.

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That was my expression when I checked my blogger friends list. I realized something that i haven't write anything new. This morning when i read those blogs, I got distracted with those new things I found.
As I think about it, last month isn't a productive month for me except for those tests I followed. And none of them shows a positive progress from the results. But I'm still trying though. (again) But sometimes I feel like I'm still the same person like what I wrote few times ago, never changed, stuck in my own head! I didn't do any progress with what I want to achieve! I need something new to do. I have to create it, those things... And now I start to wonder what can I do or I possibly do for next couple days. Any one got any ideas?

Now I'm gonna tell you what did I do for last few days. Travelling, having a test, travelling again, tests again, travelling again. Even now I'm @home for these tests this weekend. I almost burned out I guess. …