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Baek Ji Young – That Woman (백지영 - 그 여자) 한 여자가 그대를 사랑합니다 han yeojaga geudaerul saranghamnida One woman loves you 그 여자는 열심히 사랑합니다 geu yeojaneun yeolshimi saranghamnida She loves you with all her heart 매일 그림자처럼 그대를 따라다니며 maeil geurimjacheoreum geudaereul ddaradanimyeo Everyday she follows you like a shadow 그 여자는 웃으며 울고있어요 geu yeojaneun ooseumyeo oolgoisseoyo She is laughing but crying 얼마나 얼마나 더 너를 uhlmana uhlmana deo nuhreul How much more How much more 이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자 ireokae baramahn bomyuh honja Must I gaze at you like this alone 이 바람같은 사랑 이 거지같은 사랑 ee baramgateun sarang ee geojigateun sarang This meaningless love, this miserable love 계속해야 니가 나를 사랑 하겠니 gyaesokhaeya niga nareul sarang hagaetni Must I continue for you to love me 조금만 가까이 와 조금만 jogeumman gakkai wa jogeumman Come closer a little bit more 한발 다가가면 두 발 도망가는 hanbal dagagamyun doo bal domangganeun When I take a step closer, you run away with both feet 널 사랑하는 난 지금도 옆에 있어 nul saranghaneun nahn jigeumdo yeopae is
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I'M IN (to the game). If only I could take a look little bit to the future just to know whether i'm gonna regret this or not. Just for my reference. But that's cheating the life. I don't like it. But I can't help to think about it. Bukannya nggak bersyukur , it's just that i'm being too be overwhelmed with these whole things. So when it showed up like what every person's i could ever think of prediction. I'm fueled with expectations, and i'm suddenly sick of it when it came true. I don't know, I just don't feel it right. Why does it so? What I don't really like... The city. I born and grew here. It just I don't really feel that I suitable enough with the atmosphere. I want this city become my hometown, a place I could go home from hectic situation, busyness, exhausted feeling. If I spent my time here, with all my suffering, where will i come home? When I see all the things that make me stressed is around. (Point 1). Another


grogi??? Hay dearest reader... Mumpung saya masih kepengin menulis jadi kita lanjutkan saja postingan nya. Kali ini saya berbagi tips dan pengalaman seputar wawancara. Berhubung banyak teman-teman yang bertanya tentang persiapan, pertanyaan, dan tampilan yang harus dibawa saat wawancara, mungkin ini dapat membantu.


Wow! It was a long time ago, a month, since my last posting. R u still there reader to wait for my fussy thoughts? Let's hope so! Hari ini saya mau menulis dengan gaya yang agak sedikit berbeda. Saya akan menggunakan kata 'aku' di dalam tulisan ini karena mungkin isi tulisannya sedikit penting dan mungkin akan terlukiskan perasaannya kalau pake kata 'aku'. Emang kamu mau cerita apa sih? Hmm...Silakan baca kelanjutannya kalau begitu!


PICK ONE! Source here . Choose Happily All. :-D

Movies I Watched Recently

Movies I Watched Recently (October-November 2010) : 1. cin(T)a (Ina) ehehehehe.... 2. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (Thai) cowoknya keren abiiisss...:-P 3. Kick-Ass 4. Before Sunrise 5. Before Sunset 6. Letter's to Juliet 7. Valentine's day 8. Youth to Revolt 9. An Education 10. Summer Wars (Jpn-anime movie) keyeeennn...ada super UPS di film ini! 11. Paprika (Jpn-anime movie) 12. Janji Joni (Ina) ~ yeah rait, saia baru nonton! ~ 13. Prince of Tennis (Jpn-movie) 14. RED (Retired : Extremely Dangerous) The ones with red letters are recommended. Hunt the movie guys! And still, Read Happily All! :-D


'BEUH!' That was my expression when I checked my blogger friends list. I realized something that i haven't write anything new. This morning when i read those blogs, I got distracted with those new things I found. As I think about it, last month isn't a productive month for me except for those tests I followed. And none of them shows a positive progress from the results. But I'm still trying though. (again) But sometimes I feel like I'm still the same person like what I wrote few times ago, never changed, stuck in my own head! I didn't do any progress with what I want to achieve! I need something new to do. I have to create it, those things... And now I start to wonder what can I do or I possibly do for next couple days. Any one got any ideas? Now I'm gonna tell you what did I do for last few days. Travelling, having a test, travelling again, tests again, travelling again. Even now I'm @home for these tests this weekend. I almost burned out I gues