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Day 5 : (My) Parents.

What to talk about when you want to talk about your parents.
My mother is a junior high teacher. As long as I remember, she never teaches another school but this one, close to our home. She really is a good cook. She could be very  judgemental person if something bad occurs repeatedly. She would stereotyped the problems. She also has 'green fingers'. She sometimes addicted to cleanliness and tidiness. She takes care her family very well, also her big family. She likes to give people food or things people need when they have  hard days (or not). She is a caring person even tough she always looks mad. Yes, my mother is someone people see and label as "galak". Maybe because she teaches moral subject, and she also teahes to her pupils about the importance of our pray. During this pandemic, every morning she calls her pupils, wakes them up, and asks them to do morning pray (for muslims only). She is soooo fussy. Now you know why I am a fussy person, but also a caring one. …
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Day 19 : My First Love

JUST BECAUSE i mentioned him in my previous post twice, now i want to talk more about him.
Code name : GAge : same age as meBD : eeeerrrrr.... i forget!
This person was one of that few persons that never complain if i saw him with my death-glare-look or when i was saying that his story was disguting enough to hear. He kept telling me his stories. I kept providing him limitless ears to hear his talks. By phone. That was the time i liked so much because i could talk at phone for hours. My best friend. A boy.

The very first impression of our meet was as simply as "Eh, lo anaknya Pak C, ya?" when he passed through my class hallway, break time, and my seat was right at the window. He just stopped and looked at me with his chin up and he looked at me with those eyes behind the glasses coldly said "Kok tau? Lo siapa?", and i remembered i just grinned to him. "Temenan bokap kita."After that short conversation, i as the one of the fussies girl at school, started to …

Day 4 : Place I want to visit

Let me tell you about Iceland. No. Let pictures do the talk.

I want to tell you why.
I want to go somewhere nearest the Arctic or Antarctica. I want to see Aurora Borealis since I was a kid. I want to see land with so many colors. But, beside all of it, I just want to go somewhere no one knows me. And someone promised me he wanted to and would like to company me. I said, of course, when the time is right. But the time's never right for us. 
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Day 3 : Memory

Random : Memories down the lane.
Saya ingat pernah punya sepeda yang patah stangnya karena dinaiki teman saya yang gendut banget.
Saya ingat waktu dibelikan boneka untuk pertama kalinya, dan bonekanya sampai sekarang masih ada.
Saya ingat pernah bolak balik Bandung-Lampung-Bandung dalam waktu 24 jam.
Saya ingat pernah dihukum tidak ikut ulangan karena ketika guru menjelaskan saya ngobrol sendiri di belakang.
Saya ingat teman pertama saya di sekolah TK itu anak laki-laki gendut yang selalu diantar-jemput neneknya.
Saya ingat pernah dinyatakan suka sama sohib sendiri di gerbang sekolah menengah, terus saya tinggal kabur orangnya. Sampai sekarang kalau dipikir-pikir saya kualat sama dia. He was my first love back then.
Saya ingat pacaran pertama kali dengan orang di seberang pulau selama sebulan liburan sekolah via sms. Kemudian orangnya baru saya temui dua tahun kemudian, lalu pacaran lagi selama tiga tahun, lalu putus.
Saya ingat saya gak pernah punya tamagochi, inline skate, gameboy, boneka B…

Day 2 : Things that make Me happy

As you may see, I am an easy person. A little compliment like "You look so fresh today!" could possibly make my mood good for rest of the day. TnC : when I really look fresh, not when I look miserably awful and the person sarcasm me. 
Driving on road full shadow of trees. Having rainbow popsicle ice cream. Listening to songs i like even it's not match my mood. (The thought that, ah I like this song, but now I'm not in the mood like that song, is acceptable) Eating Silverqueen almond bar only for myself. Seeing kiddos laughing. Finding napping cats in shadow. (I'm not cat-person actually, kinda like to see, just seeing it)
Getting extras from groceries. Smelling the new book smell. You know, the smell that come out from a book after we wreck the plastic? Strolling bookshelf in the bookstore. Sipping my ice pandan-coffee in a hot day. Scrolling good words that describe my mind. Looking at the mirror, after dressed-up, and find that your lipstick-color turn out just good enough…

Day 1 : Describe your personality

I see the mirror to see my friend in the other side. And this is what I find. 
In first hand, I would like to tell you that people tend to see me as a person with big energy, lots of confidence, creative enough, little bit competitive, and smart enough to depend on.
And then, voila!
Look at this woman! She looks fragile enough until she herself can't believe what she sees right now. Who is this woman?
Sad eyes. With hurting look. Where do those bright eyes go? Eyes with passion. And courage. And spirit that never ends. Eyes that own everyone who dare to look at her straight to it. Eyes that show confidence to go everywhere she wants.
Unsmiling lips. In one time, she liked to see herself in the mirror. Nowadays, she hates it. What she sees is not herself. She sees someone with scattered self-esteem. Not confidence enough but trying hard to be so. Not forceful enough but trying to be one. Not smart enough but pretending to be so. Not good enough but trying to be okay. And so o…