Bibbi Bokkens Magische Bibbliothek

Bibbi Bokkens Magische Bibbliothek

It can not be imagined, fantastic, and the 'magic' that the twenty-six letters of our alphabet can be combined in such a way as to meet the giant shelves with books and brings us to the world that never end. World that is always growing and growing, as long as there are humans on earth.(pg.237)

If I read a book that I liked, what I read it took my mind drifted to fly out of the book. Books do not only consist of words and pictures in it, but everything I imagined when reading it.(pg.43)

I wanted to write and to talk with myself about anything that comes from within my soul. Paper's more patient than men.(pg.52)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

[17th] hari batik nasional

Hari ini katanya Hari Batik Nasional. Tapi memang sudah aturan dari kantor sih, Rabu Kamis Jumat seragamnya ya batik. Jadi hari ini khusus posting swlfie pake baju batik.

Btw, pasti heran, dari postingan ke 12 loncat ke 17. Itu karena, memori di handphone kayaknya bermasalah lagi, dan foto yang sudah disiapkan untuk postingan 13-16 ikut menghilang. #sigh
Artinya saya berhutang 4 foto baru pada diri saya sendiri.
Yoooossshhh... doakan saya! *emangnya benteng Takeshi!*

Happy reading all!

Btw, the picture is set in my facebook profile, and it got many comment from my Collagues from other provinces. Hehehe.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[12th] 300914 new

End of the month with limited cash, then i ended up with some new books to read. Hahaha.

Be happy (with limited cash)!

Happy reading all!

[11th] ceremony n b'day

Hari ini upacara lagi, Jumat lalu juga baru upacara. Saya pun sudah mabal berapa hari ini sama postingan. #sigh

This is my formal wear at work. I only use it in formal occasion like meeting or attending ceremony. Di luar itu, sendal jepit tetep nomor satu. Hihihi.

For today, it's a very-very special since the cutest NDA ever is having her 1st birthday. Me plan to do some photo shoot next Saturday with her dad to celebrate our little daughter birthday. And i want to do it at every 1st birthday of any my children to be. Hahaha. Kapan ya ngasih adik buat NDA...? Hahaha.

Doa dulu donkz mom....

Ah yes, Selamat Ulang Tahun Nisita Dayyinah Alika. My precious, my little daughter. Semoga kamu tumbuh sehat selalu, tumbuh menjadi anak yang penuh kasih dan sayang, tumbuh menjadi oranf yang bermanfaat untuk orang lain. Semoga ridho Allah SWT selalu menyertai setiap langkah perjalanan hidupmu.

Mommy too lazy to write in English in long sentence. Hehehe.

Happy birthday, dear!

Happy reading all!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

[10th] bubun's new homework reading

Just got this owsem book delivered. Ny new homework for this month.

Happy reading all!

Here Comes The Sun [The Beatles]

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