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Eclipse –it’s an eclipsed really!

Twilight Saga – Eclipse Movie
A Review

It’s summer now. It’s time for going to cinema because there are so many great films in summer. Besides summer, winter it’s another right time for watching great movies.

Just like as last summer, this summer of 2010 many production houses prepare films that will make their pocket full of money. I myself have prepared to empty my pocket because I wrote s list containing movies I want to see this year. Including this one I want to talk about, Eclipse. This movie series is really a phenomenon from the first movie. It has usual story with unusual scenario from the books, handsome guys, not so pretty heroine that makes girl fans hate her (LoL), and a lot of romantic scene. Who don’t want to have such imagining relationship like Bella-Edward? I bet there are so many girls out there who would die for him! :D Even Bram Stocker’s Dracula (Is it right?) was so phenomenal at his time.

Eclipse is an eclipsed movie, just like its title. I said before that I watched this movie alone. I’d much like the book and my imagination, especially the fighting scene. Obviously, there are things like this, not all imagination will success to be presented, e.g. the eclipse fighting scene. It’s too equal with the book and it’s not so exciting when I saw it than I imagined it. There were lots of kissing scene, its okay, but it’s not okay when peoples did the whooo-ing thing every time the characters kissed. It’s so…. What we called it again in English? ‘kampungan!’ It’s okay either to gasp when we saw something that shocked us or to scream when it scared us. Please don’t clap hands when something great happened or whooo-ing when kisses happened!

About the eclipsed movie, I have already said the first one. Another thing I would like to say is that Bella was too much! (Lebay kalo disini kita bilangnya, atau alay.) I didn’t like her expression on that movie; it was like she had a toothache or something in her mouth. Her acting was the worst between the three movies. I like her better in Twilight. As for New Moon, naaah… I didn’t really like it too, even though I like this one much better the others because it was darker than others. And for Edward, he was looked like an extra in the movie, not the hero. Jacob was the one exactly looked like the main hero. Edward didn’t do so much important things in this movie. It’s different from the book. Edward is in the same position with Jacob, but I didn’t see it in the movie.

I disappointed with the scene selections too. I thought that it loss many exciting missing scenes or dialogues from the book. Who does agree with that? I can’t mention one, I forgot. :D But I have this feeling so strong and I randomly being mistaken. =P
I’ll talk not only the eclipsed things but also the good ones.
I, personally, like Jacob very much! In this movie he was so cute; he’s still hot as like in New Moon, but he’s cute and sweet here. His acting totally rocks! He definitely merged with the character. And he has lovely eyes too. I always like guys with great eyes. It is melting me somehow. LoL
Hum, I think I should watch him in Valentine’s Day movie. I haven’t seen him there. Go Taylor Go! :D

Others character that stole my attention are Victoria and Riley, the new vampire. It’s so regrettable that Riley was died directly after this movie. Haaaah… I would like to see him in another movie. His name is Xavier Samuel. His acting was good too. He matched the others who played in this movie from the very first time.
For the Victoria, she’ new too! Her name is Nikki Reed. It’s not the same actress we saw in two movies earlier, but she’s totally cool! But her hair didn’t swell much like the old Victoria. Still, she was cool in that movie! She replaced the formerly without people noticing it, at least in Indonesia not many of us realized. Am I right or what? =P

Last, I love the way director brought the sights of the nature scene, especially the snow mountain. In Twilight I liked the scene when Bella-Ed had conversation in top of the tree mostly. In New Moon I liked the scene of Bella when Edward had just left her with the song Possibility-Lyke. My favorite scene in Eclipse was the kissing scene between Bella and Jacob in the top of the snow mountain because the mountain was so beautiful. Haha. Not the kiss. =P
It’s all I can say about this movie. My friend said that it was worst, 1 star from 5. Maybe she’s right. But I still can fine the good things in this movie, so I gave it 3 from 5 stars. All those three are for Jacob, Riley and the scene sights. :D

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