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An Epic Story of Toys

Hulla guys!

It’s another day of my writing post. I wrote so many things, and uploaded it in one time. I don’t get so much intense to internet connection. So far, I just check on my FB’s notifications and set words up for my Plurks in order to keep my karma not going down.

Today, or in this note, I’m gonna tell you about my (point of) review of TOY STORY 3 movie. Who had watched it? I did, by myself, again, and finally! :D
When I heard about it first, I thought how would the story began in third movie, what conflicts are arisen? I can’t wait for it, I love Disney’s, and I love Woody. What would happen to the toys in the third movie? I made promise to myself I’ll watch this movie as soon as it appears in the cinema. Reality is pain *LoL*, I watched it just before. In its fourth week! Iro-Iro da yo! Many things happened. I just said to myself for being patient to have a right time to go to cinemas. I always kept in mind that I’m not gonna to sorry or pitying myself if I didn’t watch it at cinema. Thanks GOD I made it! :D
It was 3D and I thought that it’s okay for seeing the common one, since I didn’t feel the effects. Still, the movie was marvelous!

Its opening showed us that Woody and friends are rescuing the orphans from The Evil Dr. Pork Chop and Mr. Potato Head. I think that it was a catchy opening from Disney, very Disney. And the next part is exciting and fun to notice that it was just another play played by Andy in his room. It’s like a never ending story of Woody’s adventure from the very first movie. I like it so much! It was a sweet moment to see Andy and Molly relationship as siblings.

So the conflict appeared sooner, Andy was going to college, and the toys felt getting left behind. They tried ways to get in touch with him on purpose to memorized Andy with playing stuffs and so on. Until the toys were getting ‘throw’ away to garbage-can to Sunnyside Day Care. They met lots of new toys; in fact, they were the new toys came at first place. From here to two third of the movie, Disney showed us about the new friends and their bad attitude to others toy, including them. It was so Disney’s type of story, the jokes, the acts, the lines. I love it when I saw there was TOTORO's in Bonnie house!

The rest of the movie is my favorite act. How they helped each others, how they cared about others, how was the line made my tears falling down. I was crying at the end of the movie. It was so touchy. I kind of feel the same way with what Andy felt to his toys. Did you ever feel that feeling too, with your childhood memories?
I’m a collector of everything. Papers, pins, books, key hangers, action figures, dolls, ceramic figures, accessories, even snack wrappers. I like to collect it and keep it for a long time. My favorite is White Bear from my dad in fasting month when I was in 3rd grade. It’s short like Lotso Hugging Bear because I like to hug it. I called it Witty. :D

What is your favorite toy ever? Are still keeping it?

My mom keeps telling me that my collections are short of junks and wasting space in the house. I didn’t think so. For me, they are precious. I feel something precious when I look at them and remember how I got it, or story behind it. Just like the feeling when you opened up your old photo albums. Toys are toys. That’s right! But they had accompanied us for the rest of time. Like Andy said, “It’s Woody. He’s my best friend. And he would never give up for me.” It’s my favorite line in this movie.

I keep all my dolls in my wardrobe (even the ones from my ex-es), I keep all my pins and figures in cabinets and boxes, I keep the papers (beautiful and colorful papers) in my book-shelf, and I keep all my books in more appropriate place than my cupboard, glass-book-shelf. :D
My mom tells me to get rid of it or give it to other kids or any little cousins I have. It’s always been a hard decision when I have to do this. It takes me hour to decide which one I would like to keep and which one I wouldn’t. And I choose the person who inherits my stuffs. I lost my precious cassettes of childhood songs and I regretted it. I hate to see my old books lost its cover in my cousins’ hand. I just can’t help thinking if they can’t preserve my old stuffs I won’t give them to any.

I always like Toy Story from the very start. My dad showed me in television once. And I began to love it. My favorite scene was always when Andy took The Genk for playing. His imagination was wonderful! Everything in his room could turn into everything he wanted to and Woody always there to accompany him. Andy’s gone, now Woody belonged to Bonnie, but Woody never gave up to him.

An Epic of This Year!

Other recommended movies to watch:
1.Toy Story
2.Toy Story 2
3.Monster Inc.

Read Happily All.


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