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In Good Mood

Friday, July 2, 2010, 11.23 pm

Today is not my best day ever but not my worst ever too. Last few days I felt alone and not happy. If we compared this day with few days ago, it’s a better one. Now, let’s call it a so-so day because I felt happy for (only) 2 reasons.
1st is that I cut my hair short after I had a long one for a year. Although the cut result didn’t exactly look like what I was visualizing in 1st place, I satisfied. I wanted a finger layer cut. It is a model that will separate some of your back hair while front hair is layered. My hair is a kind of swelling one, so it didn’t turn out like what I saw in the magz because my hair keeps swelling. :D
I can’t give the photo to the hair. It is forbidden. So, I just want to tell you that the hair cut gives me some good mood somehow. Having a new hair cut gives me a new energy and a fresh feeling for daily life whenever I need some. Back then, my mom used to take me to salon every grade in my elementary years. It continues since those times. Whenever I have bad mood or I have finished heavy tasks, I’ll get my hair cut. Who agrees me?

After that I had my raining ice cream. I told you about this before.

2nd is when I watched the game last night, cheese versus Samba dance. Orange versus Yellow Blue (I was saying this when the game started “Blue means Bad luck for Brazil”. Handsome versus cute (guess who!). The Handsome Orange Cheese won the game! :D
I think it was a fair play. Despite of many diving things that Robben did at the game (just like what my friend told me after the game by text message). I felt some empathy for the Samba team as same time when Japan team went home. :-h
Samba’s captain got double bad luck, not only for the own goal but also for the red card. Really, he was in bad shape when he walked out the field. It must be hard for him. Pity him! And coach as well; Dunga was sure that Samba team will reach final. 
Still, it was a great game. Four years from now, Samba’s team will take revenge on Cheese. I can’t wait for that future game, if there is a possibility for them to meet again. Agree?

I can’t wait to see the final!
Either Spain versus Ghana or Germany versus Ghana will reach final. Wow! It will be a new history when Spain wins the game, won’t be? It is sad when I see both of my favorite teams, Germany and Spain, meet in quarter final. Germany must beat Argentina in first place and Spain will see Paraguay (Go revenge for Japan!). I just can’t wait for the game! :D

See you tomorrow!
And as always,
Read Happily All.


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