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It’s a holiday (?) for me.

Hello folks!
It’s a holiday season! Bandung is full of peoples.
I don’t like it where there are so many people here. It’s crowded. I’m not kind of person that like crowd very much. I love for being with my friends. But not so these crowd. I used to like crowd. But I prefer fewer crowds now.

These two days I spent my time mostly watching movies. DVDs, cinemas, and dramas on television (I don’t know how to spell ‘sinetron’ in English) accompanied me. I watched 3 cartoon movies in DVDs at Sunday. They were Nine, Astro Boy, and Tales from the Earth Sea. Two cinemas alone at Monday; Knight and Day and Eclipse. I still haven’t watched Toy Story 3. Who does think I’m weird because I went to cinema alone? Raise your hand, don’t be afraid! (What do they should afraid of about?! krik…krik…krik…) =P
And I kind like it for being alone. I used to be can’t stand alone. Another change, yes!
I seldom wake up late in the morning but I never miss radio play of Prambors FM, 3 Cinta. I’ll tell you about this soon.
I also work on this blog. I’m trying to write something that might be interesting for you to read. Still, I think that I should write whatever things either you like it or you don’t like it. =P

If we’re going to talk about holiday, I want to ask everybody with these questions:
1. Where will you go? Your place of dream, an obsession that you think you should have it someday.
2. What will you do in that place? Your craziest things that you create in your mind.
3. Who will be with you at that time?
Please feel care to answer the questions!  Take it as a once in a life time holiday questions.

Roy Miller (Cruise, Knight and Day 2010) said that he would to kiss stranger at the top of Du Cap Hotel. Still in the same movie, the heroine (Diaz, I forget the character name! Doh!) Wanted to drive her grand prix car GTO to the south beach of… (I’m forget too! I’m so sorry!)

I do thinking about it. Don’t you like this idea of one in a life time holiday?
I want a one in a life time holiday. Any place in my mind? Mmm... I don’t have one! I have this obsession; I want to go around the world, every inch, every height, every depth, every land, every food, and know every best places. So I don’t have any particular place to see. but I do have my priorities; starts with Indonesia. I want to see and learn every culture, every custom, every traditional way, of hundreds of tribes in Indonesia. Second, I would like to see Japan; the nature is so beautiful and kept up in balance even though the country is growing in every part of its life. Then I’d go to Korea or European Countries which have huge garden flowers. I like flowers. Fourth, I’m wondering if I can visit every historical site in the earth, and it should be started from Indonesia of course. :D It would be my one in life time holiday travels.

Things I would like to do.
1. Take some good, okay, maybe great, pictures of course.
2. Have a picture with native.
3. Sit down and feel the breeze (if there's any).
4. Eat the most delicious cake/food.
5. Ask a stranger (handsome and cute one) to accompany me to beautiful places.
6. ......... Furthermore will decide when we get there! LoL

All those things i would to do by MYSELF. And the stranger of course. LoL

Actually, it's not my holiday time. I'm an unemployment. I had my graduation two months ago and still busy looking for some requirements. :)
In the last post I told you guys that i didn't make it in the postgraduate-tests.
I think it's the best way God tell me that I have looking for money, lots of money.
What do i want to do with the money?
Of course get into my one in a life time holiday!

Read Happily All!


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